Colors by Llarowe Connie, You Saucy Minx – A Saucy Minx, Indeed!


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Happy Friday morning, lacquer lovers!  I would like you guys to know just how dedicated I am to sharing pretty polishes.  I actually got up first thing this morning instead of lazing around in bed, getting snuggles and sleeping in.  Gotta get that blog post going!  I am, of course, rewarding myself as I do this.  I have some video clips of the top three queens from Drag Race going while I type this up.  Ahhh, my Adore Delano and Bianca Del Rio.  I love you both! ♥  And here I thought I always hated insult comics…  Bianca, how you’ve opened my eyes!  And Adore…  What else can I say but, “Party!”

Today I’m bringing you a pretty pretty purple from Colors by Llarowe with a sassy name.  Connie, You Saucy Minx is described on the Llarowe website as a bright medium purple crelly with intense hot pink shimmer.  What they fail to mention is just how strong of a blue base she has!  You can tell this pretty quickly once you open the bottle and start painting as it has this delightfully inky undertone.  It’s very easy to work with, highly pigmented because of the blue base and all the powerful color going on.  The intense hot pink shimmer is no joke!  Because it was such a deep rich purple, I got scared and used two coats of base to be on the safe side and had no issues with staining.  I even wore this for a long time as a full mani, which sadly not all my polishes get the pleasure of.  I’m always ready to try something else out and removing things!  I will admit that this did happen to Connie as well on my swatching left hand, but she had some serious staying power on my right hand.  Yes, I ran around with different polishes on different hands!  And sadly got no comments about it…  Issues did come into play when it came to taking photos, though!  My camera really wanted to share that strong blue with you guys, totally ignoring the purple at times.  I had to tweak my photos to get them more color accurate, something I rarely have to do.  I will confess, I don’t exactly recall how many coats I used for Connie.  I want to say it was two, but I tend to be a two to three coat girl depending on how I’m feeling that day and how well I apply!  To the best of my knowledge, the photos below were done using two base coats of a-England The Knight, two (or three!) coats of Colors by Llarowe Connie, You Saucy Minx, and one coat of A-England The Shield.

In the shade…
colorsbyllarowe-connieyousaucyminx-shadeAnd in the sun!  More swatches beyond the jump as well as a surprisingly nice couple of non color altered iPhone shots.
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I’m a Jelly in a Bottle… Sweet Heart Polish OOAK #14


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Well, it’s awfully late on Wednesday evening but I’m getting that blog post brought to you guys!  Ben and I ended up having a very busy day full of job hunt related things.  I think we’re making progress!  We also got treated to a visit from my mom and step dad and I finally got to deliver her Mother’s Day gift and send Grandma’s with her as well. All in all it was a pretty good day.

However, I am late today as you may have noticed!  Ben helped me tweak and set up the light box we made a couple of weeks ago. It was our project last night!  I had originally looked up a fantastic and very effective tutorial by Chalkboard Nails and enlisted his help. However, I had a bad memory and picked up tracing paper rather than the tissue paper she recommended!  This meant I had too small sheets that had to be taped together on each side. Tracing paper also isn’t quite as easy to work with as tissue paper. Last night when I was done with my late shift, I brought home proper white tissue paper and we fitted the new side panels!  Voila, I can now take pretty pictures regardless of the weather’s behavior. This is great, because due to my work schedule and shoddy weather on my off days, I had steadily chipped away at my prepared photos stash. Now I can build them back up at night, but it does mean potentially a lack of sun and shade photos.  We shall see what the future holds!

Another funny story is the figuring out of camera settings. I’ve been toying with mine because I’m able to get some really nice light box photos taken with my iPhone 5 but can’t quite deliver the same effect with my camera. Can you says feelings have been mega hurt by this?  I’m toying and learning though!  And with that, we’ll get on to the polish!  Today I’m finally sharing a gorgeous nail mail arrival I had a couple of weeks ago. I purchased a OOAK (#14, to be exact) from Sweet Heart Polish because I have a hard time resisting jelly glitter polishes. C’mon, it’s a one stop jelly sammich mani!  When Cassandra announced prototype polishes being listed on her shop I scurried over and snagged this beauty. It wasn’t one of the holos that originally lured me (I was a bit slow for that) but it definitely hooked me. Gosh, what’s going on with me tonight?  Fishing terms?  This is a lovely deep berry with a fuchsia tone, filled with large white hex glitters, medium sized white hex and square glitters, some white bow/butterfly shaped glitter, teeny-tiny round white glitters, and a nice silver microglitter shimmering effect!  I was ecstatic to see it arrive!  This wasn’t actually the first time I tried it, though. I attempted some blogging photos before but I was failing at painting and at photos. I did much better today though!  Initially the polish was a little thick for my liking so I added just a couple drops of Orly thinner and it was much more pleasant. For the swatches below I used one coat of a-England The Knight, three coats of Sweet Heart Polish OOAK #14 and a topcoat of a-England The Shield to smooth over some of the larger glitters.  I probably could have fished out more of the bow shaped glitters but I didn’t because fishing and placing large glitters is not my strong point, at least not yet.  I’m pretty sure that’s how I messed up on my previous attempt!

In the shade…
sweetheartpolish-ooak14-shadesweetheartpolish-ooak14-shade2And here’s a sun shot.  The late evening sun kinda ate the microglitter!
sweetheartpolish-ooak14-sunAnd something special beyond the jump!  You can see my foray into the world of the light box!
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Zoya Paloma and Orly Mermaid Tail Have a Jelly Sammich Lunch Date


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Good afternoon on another Monday, polish lovers!  I hope you had a great weekend and the start of the new week isn’t off to a sluggish start.  I ended up working the whole weekend as I caught a shift on Sunday to get my hours up to the norm.  Gotta make that money!  I did still get to have nice sleep in snuggles though.  Did you all remember to get goodies for the mom types in your life?  I got some kind of sentimental items for my mom and grandma, but sadly didn’t get to deliver them in time.  Alas!  I shall see them soon, though, and look forward to having presents to give out at that time.  I also got wished a happy mother’s day for my furbaby, Tito!  Hehe, it does amuse me to see well wishes sent out to furbaby mothers but it works.  He is very much a bratty, wonderful child.

Today I’m hitting the lunch time delivery of our blog post!  I figured, hey, how about we deliver a sammich for lunch?  Yeah, I know, that’s an incredibly cheesy idea but it’s the thought that counts.  Ben and I are having a pizza before I go in and close tonight, and he just delivered my plate of yums.  Delicious!  But back to today’s jelly sandwich mani, I chose a couple of polishes I’ve had for a while but haven’t blogged yet.  Zoya Paloma is part of a very sheer, high gloss jelly collection.  It’s a deep berry fuchsia shade and begins super super sheer.  It builds nicely though and is a lovely color!  I decided to go for a nice bit of contrast with this one and selected Orly Mermaid Tail.  As I’ve collected polish, I’ve discovered that almost anything with mermaid in the name will quickly become part of my wishlist.  I can’t seem to dodge it, they call to me!  Orly Mermaid Tail is a clear base glitter with medium sized green hex glitters and smaller ones as well.  It has a good glitter payoff with one coat of coverage, no need for fishing.  I don’t imagine you could use this for opaque coverage without undies.  For the photos below I used a base coat of a-England The Knight, three coats of Zoya Paloma (I meant it when I said it was sheer!), one coat of Orly Mermaid Tail, and one coat of Zoya Paloma to sammich it in all nice and cozy.  It’s so sheer you can’t quite tell the topcoat is there in the photos!

In the shade…
zoya-paloma-orly-mermaidtail-shadezoya-paloma-orly-mermaidtail-shade2And twinkling away in the sun!  More swatches await beyond the jump.  ♥
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Fab Friday & Party Nails: Butter London Snog with Fingerpaints Flakies


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cblnailmailHappy happy Friday, lacquer lads and ladies!  I hope you managed to make it through the week alright.  I’ve been doing okay, just put in a long shift yesterday at work.  7am-6:30pm, woo!  I have so much respect for people who work insanely long shifts every shift.  I salute you!  Two more days of reasonably shorter shifts for me and then I get to be off on Sunday.  I intend to make it another swatch day as I have lots of goodies to share with you guys.  I’m not sure if I remembered to mention it during any blog posts this week, but I shared a photo on Instagram last Friday of my most recent nail mail swag!  Loads of Colors by Llarowe, my favorite topcoat, and a snazzy Dance Legends made it a darned good Friday.  This one may not have a polish package arriving, but Ben did help me snag some last chance discontinued CbLs last night.  Seriously, best husband ever. ♥  Then we stayed up most of the night, me working on polish and blogging things while he played through GTA V.  And of course, I had to watch. 🙂

A couple of days ago I had stopped by Sally’s to look for the OPI Sheer Tints collection, as it’s an elusive beastie for me.  I don’t think Sally’s is getting it, but I haven’t managed to find it at JC Penney or Ulta, either.  The jelly collection looks so perfect for jelly sandwiches, and you all know how I love a good jelly sammich mani.  Anyways, I found some other neat goodies instead.  Hanging out in the front of the store was a clearance section of polish, complete with a new (ish?) set of FingerPaints flakies.  Though I don’t always use them, I am absolutely enchanted by flakies.  Of course, all four that I could find went home with me…  And for insanely cheap as well.  For today’s nails, I decided to use some of my older FingerPaints flakies collection.  Previously, my friend Sarah and I discussed topcoats and she made a good point.  You almost always see them used over blacks!  With that conversation in mind, I chose something brighter to play with.  The bright cheery hot pink creme Snog from Butter London was my pick!  As I’ve come to expect from Butter London, it had super easy application, going on smooth and even.  It’s so highly pigmented that one coat gave full coverage and looked fantastic!  For the swatches below, I used one coat of a-England The Knight, one coat of Butter London Snog, one coat of FingerPaints Motley, one coat of FingerPaints Twisted, and one coat of a-England The Shield.  I was probably fine with just the first flakie, as FingerPaints Motley is lovely.  It’s a green and purple flakie in a clear base, but you can tell from the photos that the base almost has a yellow tone to it  This isn’t just from age, it’s always been this way, but I think perhaps it’s darkened with time.  However, it doesn’t really affect the base color.  FingerPaints Twisted is a flakie party in a bottle, filled with pink, orange, green, purple, and blue flakes.  Both apply smoothly as the flakes are very thin and lie flat with no worries of curling up or heavily textured nails.

My usual favorite, the sun shots, were not too incredible with this mani.  The light tended to drown out the delicate flakie effects.  You can see it, but it’s very subtle.
butterlondon-snog-fingerpaintsflakies-sunbutterlondon-snog-fingerpaintsflakies-sun2In the shade, however, it was absolutely glorious.  Check out all the colors!  It really is like a little part on my nails.  It reminds me of confetti!
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